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PowerAMP 'Now Playing' Broadcasts?


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I'm working an Android app that utilizes the 'Now Playing' track information from the default Android Music Player to do something. While this works like a charm on most cooked ROMs and HTC stock ROMs, but for people using other music players, this obviously fails.

The Android Music Player sends out broadcasts on specific actions with Intents such as:-



and the artist, track and album information is bundled with the Intent. My question is: Does Poweramp send out any broadcasts when these events occur? If not, then is there any possible way in which I can get the Now Playing information from Poweramp?

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1. PowerAMP doesn't send exactly these intents - these are reserved for stock android player. For example, HTC player sends different intents

2. PowerAMP sends very similar "SLS" or scrobble Droid intents, if the appropriate scrobbling is activated.


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