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Poweramp lockscreen not showing on Nexus 6 5.01 Lollipop

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As the title implies, I cannot get Poweramp 2.0.10 build 571 to show any lockscreen on my Nexus 6 running 5.01 Lollipop. I have tried every combination:

Swipe, Pattern, PIN, Android Lockscreen enabled/disabled, Poweramp Lockscreen enabled/disabled, direct unlock enabled/disabled, all notifications shown when device is locked, etc. Regardless of configuration, when Poweramp is playing and screen is locked I get the normal Android lockscreen (clock, notifications, etc.), with Poweramp Now Playing notification with controls, and I do see album art background. I get no Android lockscreen with music control or Poweramp Lockscreen. I believe this to be an app specific issue with Poweramp, as lockscreen options with GoneMAD music player function fine. I have tried clearing cache, clearing data, uninstall and reinstall. Nothing. I am using Nova Launcher, but I don't believe that is relevant. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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