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Albums out of order when ordered by year after updating on PC

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Poweramp version - 2.0.10-build-571-play

Samsung Galaxy S4 (GT-I9505)

Android version 4.4.2


After correcting the dates of a few songs and albums on my PC via MediaMonkey, the albums still appear out of order when ordered by year in Artist --> Artist Albums. The years have been correctly updated (verified through app and on PC) but are still sorted in their previous order.


Example: I had correctly labelled album A as 1967 and album B as 1968, but incorrectly labelled album C as 1969.

Before fixing on PC appeared in order A, B, C


Updated album C tracks to correct date of 1965 via PC, but when still appear in order ABC when memory card reinserted and Poweramp started back up again rather than CAB.

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