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Poweramp needs OPUS support as soon as possible! As described in RFC: 6716 OPUS audio compression just became an INTERNET STANDARD os Poweramp desperately needs OPUS codec support to stay RELEVANT . . .

Please add OPUS support as soon as possible. Other than this, Poweramp is a great app!


PS. MXplayer, VLC and other players offer OPUS support on android already.


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There is already a thread asking for this feature, if you had searched.


And Poweramp isn't an internet player, so OPUS being an internet spec doesn't really affect anything here -- it's not doing WebRTC or streaming.


And MaxMP already said it would be part of the audio engine rewrite.


(Granted, that's been pending for like 1+ years now).

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Just trying out the program, as it's the only software I found that seems to be able to increase output level beyond Cyanogenmod's limitations (I still need to test that though, just installed it). Noticed it doesn't seem to detect some of my music folders and... it doesn't read Opus :/


Any news on that feature request ? Opus is NOT just an "internet spec", it's a state-of-the art format which provides quite an awesome compression, I use it for all my music now, and even my movies...


Edit: ah, found the original Opus thread I think: http://forum.powerampapp.com/index.php?/topic/3469-opus-codec/?hl=opus

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