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Hi Everyone!


I would find it really useful if there was an easier way to delete tracks. I think the best way to do this that I could think about is to have a programable gesture linked to deleting, for example, have swipe up delete the track instead of playlist change (you could choose what swiping in any direction would do in the menu somewhere, but have changing tracks\lists the default)


The reason for this is that I am a DJ and I sort through thousands of songs on the go and it would be nice to be able to delete tracks without entering the settings tab and confirming.


Even better would be delete linked to bluetooth headset commands but maybe this isn't possible!



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I personally hate swipe-based delete functions and disable them immediately (e.g. in my email app) but as long as you are aware of the pitfalls and are willing to take the risk (and that it is set to OFF by default) then that sounds like a useful idea to me.

A while back I suggested allowing the swipe-on-album-art function to be user-definable (since track and album advance/back already have perfectly useable buttons anyway) and your suggestion fits in nicely with that idea too.

It'd be great to have a short menu of possible options for the four swipe directions, rather than the current simple on/off functionality. I wonder what other features people might like to select via swiping? My own suggestion was for left/right swipe to skip forward/backward by 10-15 seconds, while up/down could provide longer jumps (say 1-2 mins).


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Do you want to remove tracks from playlists or actually delete the track on the sdcard?. My app, New Playlist Manager has all that functionality. It is a very useful tool for dj'S as it has lots of functionality.

You can find it on google play. Make sure you download New Playlist Manager as this is the latest release. It integrates with Poweramp tags. My next release will allow you to build playlist with music on smb shares. This weekend I hope!

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