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Automatic brightness baced on time of day


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I've very happily used Poweramp on a tablet mounted in my car as my stereo. Still love it. Its great for so many reasons, but the one thing that I have to mess with everyday is the brightness. Auto or low brightness works great for night driving, but you really need full brightness durring the day, so I have to adjust it basicly everytime I drive (either dark morning or afternoon, to and from work). It would be amazing if there was an option for Poweramp to toggle auto brightness baced on the time of day (or even look up local sunrise/sunset times). Seems like an easy option to add.

Thanks again for such a great app and several years of reliable music playback. I've gone through many car stereos, yet Poweramp and an Android tablet is easily the best experience I've ever used. I would gladly donate if I could.

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