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EQ Preset by Bluetooth Device

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for users to assign different EQ presets to different bluetooth headset. Poweramp to recognize the bluetooth device connected by its ID and to automatically activate the corresponding EQ preset.


I use a bluetooth headset and a bluetooth car audio system, both requiring different EQ settings. The current Poweramp version differentiates between cable headsets and bluetooth devices but not among different bluetooth devices


Alternatively, add an item for Tasker to select a specific Poweramp EQ profile. The current version gives Tasker the option to open the EQ selection dialogue, which is my current work-around.

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The same idea I wanted to post!


Please integrate this very useful feature!


I am reviewing lots of bluetooth speaker and every gets its own tuning via EQ.

It would be great, if the settings would be fixed to one ore more specific bluetooth IDs.


Thus I could switch very easy between different speaker for a comparison.



Have a look at


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I also really need this feature, I have a car that is connecting via Bluetooth and a Bluetooth headset and they need different equalizer settings and currently always the headset eq is used in the car. Please consider adding this feature I could imagine that with growing Bluetooth devices and the abandoning of the headphone jack this will get more and more important.

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Wow. It's been 3 years (at least) that I search if it's possible to have an equalizer by bluetooth devices. I never managed to find an easy solution for that, so I've used different audio players.

But every 3 months or so, I search on the internet if there's a solution, and today I find this post. I CAN'T WAIT ! 😁

You'll be able to close all requests for this: https://www.google.com/search?hl=en&gws_rd=cr&q=Poweramp%20different%20equalizer%20bluetooth%20site%3Aforum.powerampapp.com

Subscribing to this thread now.

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You have to go to equalizer page. You choose your settings (equalizer especially).

You click on "Save" button. It will popup a "Save Preset" dialogue, then you can choose a bluetooth device (it has to be active when you want to associate it).


I noticed some bugs with my car audio bluetooth, but I need to investigate for a better report. For now, I had to force stop Poweramp to do the right association at restart.

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