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Media volume interpolation


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Recently, an unofficial port of Cyanogenmod 12 (Lollipop) became available for my phone, and...quite frankly, it's very nice, very quick. To the point where I'm ready to drop Kitkat as soon as theming and a dark theme is available so I'm not temporarily blinded every time my screen turns on.

However, Google somehow still hasn't realized that a default 15 volume steps is too few for music, particularly at the low-volume end. Being on ART as Lollipop is, there's no Xposed framework, and thus no easy way to simply install a mod for finer volume control. So anyone wanting finer control natively (instead of resorting to something like Finer Volume Control in the Play store, which doesn't support volume buttons) is SOL unless they want to dig into the framework and change it manually.


This got me thinking...Poweramp has global replay gain. Wouldn't it be possible for it to:

  1. Lock the Media volume in place
  2. Listen for volume key presses. In the event that one is pressed,
  3. use Replay Gain to increase/decrease the volume by a small amount for each press until the output matches the next actual Media volume step
  4. At this point, Replay Gain resets to 0, Poweramp changes the Media volume to the next higher/lower step
  5. Process repeats as needed

It might need a bit of per-phone calibration to figure out the actual volume change per step and a setting to compensate (particularly where DVC is involved), and I don't know enough to even speculate on the extra CPU usage, but if those could be dealt with...it would be a great boon to people who are stuck on rootless stock/constantly-changing Lollipop/etc. I imagine there are even some out there with already-modded volume steps who would like the ability to make sub-1% adjustments.

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