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Kudos to Poweramp


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I just want to give a thumbs up & thank you to Poweramp. I have had this on my phone & for about a year & now on my kindle as well. I think its so awesome and I love how it can be customized etc. Over the holidays Ive had a few parties with my playlists playing on my kindle & the equalizer finetuned to make my mediocre stereo system sound better than it ever has, and to be able to have different presets to accommodate my jobsite radio, shop stereo, car stereo & with the crossfading capabilities etc, I have had several friends quizzing me on the app & some thought it was a radio station, others commenting on how much better my stereo sounds.  Many of them downloaded it & have been stealing my thunder lol. I just think technology like this is great. I love listening to & entertaining my parties with great music & this just makes it that much better.  Keep up the great work. I will continue to support & brag about your stellar product!  :D

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