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Request: Ability to Share the song Info as text for a track playing


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It would be great if Poweramp offered a Sharing facility in wherby we could Share just the song Info/Tag for a track playing or a track/s in a playlist.


Option to specify to send Advanced tag info or just basic tag info along with an email-esque text caption beneath stating that it was "shared with my Poweramp music player"

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I'm bumping a 5 year old topic here.

It would still be good to be able to do this by pressing the three-dot menu in the Player screen. It should use the same sharing function and menu icon as "Send" from the Playlist screen.

Ideally the menu choice would be named as " Tell a friend "

Then you'd be able to share the textual track info with a date/timestamp to your desired email or messaging app.

I'm currently listening to "{SONG NAME}" by "{ARTIST}"
powered by Poweramp version xxxx on "{ANDROID DEVICE}"

Perhaps there could be the user option to be able to edit the values of what is shown.

It would totally rely on metadata and filenames for easier textual offline grabbing.

I could create an image mock up of this and post here later.

What do you think?

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