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HDMI output (Evo)


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I know this might sound like beating a dead horse but I am asking here because I wonder if anyone here knows.

The Evo has a mini hdmi output, which of course includes audio.

I have a complete 7.1 set of speakers in my auto. I have been using a carputer for some time to run my infotainment, but this phone dt

oes everything I really need... and wont require me to buy a bigger alternator to run it.

I am hung up on being able to drive the surround system from the phone. Hell the thing has the full digital surround output potential, all I'd need to supply would be a nice set of dac's and I'd be in business, right?

Is this a pipe dream?

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Right, this is interesting idea, I think generally ROM should be able to redirect audio stream to hdmi, but this is not something standard to Android. Standard Android audio "outputs" are wired headset/bt a2dp/speaker, and OS routes active music stream to one of these outputs automatically. So basically you need to test if it works on Evo this way.


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