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I am happy that Poweramp is finally able to read lyrics from Flac metadata.

The problem is that Poweramp only reads lyrics from the "Lyrics" metadata field.


Could you guys please make a setting where users can tell Poweramp where to look for Lyrics?

In my case, i would tell Poweramp to get lyrics from "Unsynced Lyrics" field first, and if nothing found there in the "Lyrics" field (the latter is the field where I store timestamped lyrics).

Obviously different people use different names for Lyrics fields, as there is no convention, so that is why this feature should not be hardcoded.


Btw, it is a pity that Poweramp does not scroll lyrics automatially according to the timestamp on each line. Could it be possible that Poweramp at least hide the timestamps [mm:ss] ?


Thank you

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I would like to know the manner to edit a track inside a album because the player show (and play) the tunes only in alphabetical order even I select (in preferences) "By Track".
In other words, i'd like if the player start to play a tune with it first song name started with W or Z, of course in the beginning with "01." or "01 - ".
Every album/folder have the tunes in well-known sequences and is very annoying to listen it in other order.
Thanks a lot.

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All tracks are ordered in same manner like on album;
01.Pigs On the Wing (Part One)
03.Pigs (Three Different Ones)
05.Pigs On the Wing (Part Two)
from Animals - Pink Floyd

I tried to substitute the point with a line, no chance...the player start with track 02.
I spent lot of time with all types of settings for order the track in all possibilities offered by player, profiteth nothing.
What's really bother me is the fact that this annoying problem don't happening on all albums. On many others, the player recognize the right position of tracks even no noticeable differences between them. All are edited in the same way.

I've no idea how solve this, so i decided to ask for help on this forum.



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Thank you very much for your help but I'm thinking I'm gonna mad...
Install the app on ICS android 10.1 inch tablet and on the bigger screen appear many more settings than a 5.5 Kitkat phone.
In addition of the phone screen where just 2 options are available,  "Library" and "Folder", on the tablet screen appear A->Z sort mode (with a grid in front), a magnification lens (search) and the Option grid menu.
Exactly the part that interest me, with sort mode A->Z could not be seen on phone screen.
I'm quite sure that the developer of the app don't forgot this issue and this option are hiding somewhere...but I can't figure in which submenu.
Sorry for my lack in Poweramp settings.



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On a phone, when you are in any of the Folder or Library views, just press the menu button (or three-dots icon if you don't have a menu button on your phone) and choose 'List Options'. From there you can change the sort order for the 'top' level of folders, albums titles, artists, etc.

If you first drill down to view the actual songs list, then that same menu option will now control how the songs themselves are sorted. It's that level that you need to adjust to "By Filename".


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A woman is still good in housewifery, she saved me from insanity!
My wife digs into deepest settings of the app until find the right way.
Not was very simple: Menu (three-dots icon) / Settings / Look and Feel / Menus then uncheck Action Bar, check Show Menu Icon and in the end recheck Action Bar...and now the app show the sort icon. Damn it!

Anyway, thank you for your time and A Happy New Year !



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