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Modern method to access the "3-dot menu"


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Recently I have been running into trouble while trying to press the 3-dot menu button in the Title list or even Album list. The problem is that the button is exactly under the scrolling area which causes me to accidentally scroll very often. My suggested solution for this would be that we add an option to access this menu. A method which I found to be very nice and intuitive can be found on the "reddit news" app. In this app you can easily access a similar menu by swiping the post (as in Title/Album). It also looks very nice! 


Before the left swipe:



After the left swipe:



I know that you can also access this menu by long pressing, but I find this to take way too long which makes it very unpleasant to use.


Please share your opinions on this idea. I'm pretty sure this can be done. Hopefully we will see this in a future build of our favorite music player Poweramp!


Kindest regards,


Pure Drive GT

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