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Poweramp and Album art file


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Hello everyone,


until about one month ago (anyway some version ago) Poweramp created an albumart.pamp file through which I can see the album art associated to my folder on my smartphone.

After the last updates I noticed that Poweramp does not create this file anymore, and I think it reads the cover from the files tag, since the last albums I put on my smartphone I can see the cover thumb without the albumart.pamp files created.


This featurer could be a problem in case I use folder and subfolder but with no music tracks in the folder (same level of subfolders)


For example If I use this structure:


- main folder

 - first subfolder

 - second subfolder


I can see the thumbnails for the two subfolder but not for the main folder.


I hope I explained correctly and I'd like to understand if my own problem or it's a new Poweramp feature.




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You are correct albumart.pamp files are no longer created as from build 565 (possibly related to KitKat SD Card write issues?).

Empty folders should not be shown in the folders tree anyway, so not quite sure why this would be an issue?

Have you tried build 571 by the way, as that fixed an issue in the Folders view where folder.jpg images were not being displayed as folder thumbnails within the folders list. (e.g. if you place a folder.jpg image file in your "main folder" folder in the example you gave).


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