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Add the tag "albumartist" to Poweramp


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Hi! First of all I'd like to say that Poweramp is just awesome, congratulations for you guys!


My request, as the title says, is to add a tag that would make a huge difference to the player: the "albumartist" tag. Poweramp seems to read only the "artist" tag, which means that if an album with different artists, like a soundtrack from a movie for example, it would be a mess if you tap the Artists button on the Library, because there would be a lot of artists for every song of the that album, instead of using "V/A" (various artists) and keep them organized in one folder like Google Music does. So if there were the "albumartist" tag everything would be more easy and organized when tapping the Artists button.


I know Poweramp does have a tag editor but it'll take too much time to edit every album of my library.



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