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[HELP REQUEST TO DEV] The file where song directories are stored


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I recently upgraded my ROM and some directory names changed and when I backed up the Poweramp's folder in /data/ on my old ROM and pasted it to my new ROM, every setting and thing was there, good. But there's one thing. I had to do full rescan which removed all my song's ratings which I rely on and I tried to edit the file in notepad where all that directory info and stuff is in but notepad only show me some readable text and is not working. My songs are not in /extsdcard/MusicFolder/ anymore but now /sdcard1/MusicFolder

How can I change the directory inside that file so I get my ratings and stuff back?

This is only thing I hate about this player that it doesn't save ratings to MP3 and re-rating all over again is frustrating. 


I have no idea how to ask google about changing readable text inside encoded file. Maybe dev can help me out with this since there is no way to edit the data files my own.

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