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Read only tags and shuffling lists

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I have 2 problems

The first it that I can't edit any of my song tags, because the app says they're read-only even though I looked at them in my computer and they're all write-able.

Can I tweak something in the files or the app so I can edit tags?

The second problem is that the list I listen to is reshuffled every time I resume playing. I always listen to the all songs list, and while I would like it shuffled I'd like it to shuffle once when I start listening to it, and keep the same shuffle throughout without changing.

Quite often I find out that a songs I listened to a few hours ago is playing again while I obviously haven't listened to my entire library.

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For editing tags, this sounds very much like a KitKat restriction, see if http://support.powerampapp.com/knowledgebase/articles/326024-can-t-edit-delete-files-on-sd-card-android-4-4 covers you problem.

The second point is unfortunately the nature of random playback. As long as you don't exit from the app then there will be a randomised list which will play from start to finish, but if you re-start playback with a newly randomised list then yes you could indeed hear a track you've heard in a recent session again.


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