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Use on phone with 130gb music


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I am new to Poweramp so perhaps I just need to learn more about functionality to resolve my issue.


I have about 130gb of music on my phone (about 350 artists).  When I am playing a song from an artist that begins with the letter "T" for example and I want to select another song from the same artist, I go to the menu pic that allows me to select artist and then I have to scroll down rather far (to the letter "T") to get to the same artist.


Is there an easier way to do this, or possibly a setting and if not, can a setting be added that allows users to say when selecting artist (or album, or genre, etc), when you come to the respective menu, rather than start at the beginning, start at a location dependent on what is currently being played?


Again, I apologize if there is an elegant way to handle this without additions.







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