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Problem with saved equaliser presets for folders and equaliser presets icon above album cover.

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Once I have the full paid version of Poweramp everything was ok untill the few last days... As I save the equaliser presets for separate folder (sets for folder) it is saved but...the same preset (last used) is used for different folders which had saved presets... In other words...presets are saved but are not switched automatically for played folders - I checked with folders on USB mount memory, SD card and internal memory of the phone. Another problem I have is missing the icon for equaliser preset which is used currently, once it was visible above the folder/album cover, now it is not and I don't know how to have it back on the main screen of player.


Poweramp version: 2.0.9-build-564-play

Phone: Samsung Galaxy SIII




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The equaliser/etc icons can be set to auto-hide, you haven't accidentally selected that have you? If so, tapping the album art should restore them. The visibility can also be set to change when in Action Bars menu mode. See Settings > Look and Feel > Menus and also Settings > Look and Feel > Player UI.


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