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Ignore Bluetooth?


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I've been using Poweramp since I got my first Android device.  On that device, which ran Gingerbread, Poweramp would pause my music so I could use my bluetooth headset.  That is, when I pushed the button, music would pause, and then my headset would talk to me, and when I was done, it would resume.


I just recently got a Nexus 5.  It ran KitKat, and now Lollipop, but I cannot get this device to function the same way.  I have copied over every single setting from one to the other, and yet I still have a problem.  Namely, when I press the button on my bluetooth headset, the music stops being put through my headset jack, and instead comes out my bluetooth.  After a few seconds, it goes back to playing out the headset jack... just long enough for Google to chime telling me it's listening, and then back to the bluetooth it goes!  At least, once I start a phone call, the music does pause, and then resume afterwards where it should.




I would like to request a feature in the options menu for Poweramp to completely ignore bluetooth devices.  If Poweramp would just pause when you're in a call, rather than keep switching its output method, that'd be perfect.

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