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Change View Style in Playlists (Album View, Artist View)

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You should be able to view playlists by Album, in the same manner you would navigate the "Albums".


Example: https://i.imgur.com/v22IvHH.png

Similar to iTunes: http://imgur.com/1v2Kay3


If you have a playlist of say, your favorite Albums this would make playing them much easier to navigate and aesthetically pleasing. It's a feature I've always wanted on my phone, and I yet to see anyone implement it on a mobile music player.



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I personally would like M3U playlists to be able to parse a folder name rather than only fully specified filenames, that folder only being expanded at playback time. That way you could have a folder on your device with variable contents (maybe current favourite songs, radio programmes, podcasts, etc) and the playlist would play back whatever happens to be in that folder at the time.


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