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Horrible noise floor on z3 compact

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This topic is a quick follow up to the bug report I filed using the recommended google form.



Basically :playback (whatever music style / file format /lossy / lossless / anything that plays in Poweramp) on the new Sony Xperia Z3 Compact is horrible. There is a background noise / noise floor (i'm not sure what's the proper audiogeek wording) which occures.


Edit : forgot to mention it disabling "Direct Volume Control" removes this noise problem (but also reduces the sound stage and overall sound quality, which is why I use Poweramp in the first place)


I am using Westone W60 IEMs so background noise is of course pretty audible when it occures (I'm coming from a Samsung Galaxy Nexus ; Poweramp never EVER generated such a high level of noise floor on my old device)


Any other player app (tested : sony's preinstalled Walkman / Google Play Music / MX Player) do not output such noise.


I'm getting my phone replaced just to be sure it is not hardware fault. However, it has been confirmed on XDA by someone else. (see link below)


Also, I talk about the issue in this XDA thread : http://forum.xda-developers.com/z3-compact/help/horrendeous-noize-t2935150
Please fix !!
Can provide any log / debug info if required.
Thanks in advance.

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Please disable Direct Volume Control in Poweramp Settings => Audio => Advanced Tweaks.



Yeah that is what I did. But Poweramp being the main reason I use it rather than other players around (including sony's preinstalled walkman which supports flac), will DVC be fixed for Z3 compact ?

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Same issue with Xperia Z2. Disabling DVC is a workaround, but not really acceptable as it degrades the sound quality to the point, that I've switched to another player until there is a proper fix.

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I know this is an old thread,  but I'm having the same problem with my Note 4. When playing music at a low volume level, there is some very annoying background noise. Once I disable the Equalizer, the problem is fixed. My issue is that the music sounds terrible without the use of the equalizer.  Having paid for this otherwise perfect app, I would hope a fix can be found and implemented. Can this be done? 

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