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extracts from youtube show wrong duration info

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.m4a - sound files are shown with wrong duration. A file is shown with duration 19:25, immediately after start of playing it the current time jumps to 9:43 and progress is shown as 50%, updated smoothly from there.
The stock player on the other hand displays the duration as 09:42, starting at 00:00.
This behaviour has been seen with all files which were created by youtube-dl on linux
The origin from youtube-videos may be significant.
I have some .mp3 files created by youtube-mp3 online converter (http://www.youtube-mp3.org/)
that show another type of duration misinformation, here an example file is shown as 18:13 but runs for 4:30 (there is some whitespace at the end of it). Factor 4 this time and here the progress bar starts at 00:00 and it skipps to the next song at 25%.
However, the latter error is only with some .mp3 created that way while others behave as expected.





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I've got some m4a podcast files which do play, but won't allow ffwd or scrubbing or remembering playback position, so I suspect your issue is probably similar to my files. Email a sample to poweramp.maxmpz(at)gmail.com.


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I can confirm this problem.


Downloaded a ripped .m4a from YouTube using FlashGot v1.5.6.12 on Firefox v38.0.5.


Currently using Poweramp v2.0.10-build-580-play (Full Version).


Poweramp thinks the song duration is twice as long. The song starts from the beginning but Poweramp sets the scrubber at 50% and the time is set to the actual length of the song.


Example: If the song duration is 3:12, Poweramp will set the song duration at 6:24 and set the scrubber to 3:12. It will then continue to play until 6:24.


Here's some more info:

  • Poweramp: 2.0.10-build-580-play (Full Version)
  • Phone: Samsung Galaxy S4 1337M
  • Android: 4.4.2

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