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Better power handling for Sony Walkman F887, Sony PHA-2 & Sony MDR-1R MKII


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Dear Poweramp,

Firstly before I would like to suggest something for my app.
My current portable audio is as follows: 
Portable music player - Sony Walkman F887
Portable Headphone amplifier - Sony PHA-2 VIA Digital In
Headphone - Sony MDR-1R MKII

After installing Poweramp amp, the audio quality is OMG as if
I have glued a pair of studio monitors to my ears!
The default music player for Sony Walkman F887 audio quality isn't
that great as Poweramp.

However there are few things I noticed which are:
1) Sony Walkman F887 with PHA-2 have more potential so maybe
you can look at tapping into more of it's power. 

2) Better power handling as despite the studio like quality sound but
the battery consumption is quite high.
Ought you can look at power optimization without hampering sound quality.

Thank you,
Max Li
Music is my life


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