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File Types/Codecs Music Convert Samsung Galaxy 5


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I am having real problems with compatibility on Samsung 5S. I have multitude of media formats and this collection was started many many years ago. MP3 (various bitrate) WMA, OOG, M4A and allsorts.


I cannot find a decent "mass" convertor to convert the files so this device will work with Poweramp. I do not want to go back to an Apple phone.............


OS is Windows.


Its becoming a pain....... Poweramp on phone says unsupported etc etc.


Android apps are so bad and Poweramp was best I could find.


Hellpppp. please before I go to ITunes.



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It is not really a "mass" converter, but I use Audacity. It is shareware so it does not cost you anything to try it. Works under Windows. Handles a lot of different formats.

The worst problem with it is the learning curve. It is audio and video and takes a while to figure out how to do what you want to do. There is a forum but even that is big.

Good luck.

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