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Sounds good but not useable...playlists?


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I love the sound of the app....but i find it unuseable for 2 reasons(im hoping i just dont know what im doing)....

1)playlists....the playlists i created in the stock app are not seen by Poweramp.....this would not be an issue if i could figure out how to play the playlists that i actually created in Poweramp...the only time i can access them is if im adding a song...whats the point of being able to create a playlist if u cant use them...i am using teh demo...is this a feature unlocked by purchasing the full version?...i hope not...i would like to test the app to make sure it does what i want before i purchase it....

im guessing that a workaround would be to just make folders...but can u control the order in which files are listed?....if u could...that would be ok with me...but that brings me to teh next issue...

2)when i walk around...songs randomly stop playing and other songs start..im assuming this is because of te touchscreen...but it doesnt happen when i walk around with the stock amp...how can i stop this from happening?...is it setting sin my phone..or in Poweramp?

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Thanks for the feedback.

1. What stock player do you mean? The only known "Stock" player which doesn't share its playlists is player on Samsungs - no any api is available to access its playlists, though Android library playlists are shared across 3rd party players on Samsungs. Playlists (both Library and Folder playlists) are shown in PowerAMP Library, not sure why you can't find or use them

2. This can happen if the song file is not readable - most probably not downloaded completely or corrupted file on sd card. Please try to play the SAME file in any other player to check.


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1)i have a huwawei ascend....when i try to add a song to a playlist the only ones that show up are the ones i created in power amp...also...thats the only time i can see them...there is no playlist button to press when i just want to play a playlist without adding a song...

2)the song files play perfectly in the stock media player...if im walking around the songs just stop and another song starts...i was thinking it was the touchscreen...but again...this does not happen when i listen to my stock player...is there a setting in Poweramp to freeze the screen so the buttons wont work?...or is this something else completely different?

and im not sure if i mentioned it earlier...but i just have the demo version....

i really like the sound quality...i just want the functionality of playlists and to be able to listen to the music without having to keep my phone perfectly still.

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