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Please add an option in the player to adapt the music in realtime from 440hz (the common) to 432hz (natural and organic sound).


In intenet you can found so much info, here is a link with info related:





Some music players:






The audio really feels more natural. The people is converting his tracks on a PC from 440hz to 432 and posting on youtube.


A real innovation it's to change the frecuency to 432hz (with accuracy) in real time (with the quality of Poweramp)


(You can do it with "432 player" app on iphone.)



Thanks a lot! 


I recommend Poweramp to all the people for be the best music player on android.... please add a posibilitty to change the freq. 



thanks for answer...



Regards from Chile!

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Yes Yes Yes for all those who have experienced 432hz playback you know the difference and will never listen to 440hz again ifthe choice is there. I love my Poweramp Player but I am forced into using Audacity which does the job but is complicated and confusing, not to mention plain looking. Imagine Poweramp with this capability.The onlyand best music player around.

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14 minutes ago, jaybravo said:

432Hz tuning is nonsense. if you really want different tuning you should petition recording artists, not music players.

Personally I feel the same way; I want to hear what the artists, producers and mastering editors created in the studio as closely as reasonably possible. Although I can't see that having it there as an option for those who feel they prefer it would a problem (rather like Vivid mode on TVs :) ).


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Baroque orchestras are tuned in A=415hz. Classical pianos and orchestras are tuned un A=442hz. In 1680 in France, the reference A frequency was 404hz. In 1859, it was 435hz. Many orchestras and bands now still use a different reference that 440hz.

Also: temperamentThe reference frequency is not more than what it's called: a reference. That's temperament that tells how music sounds, because the relations between notes will be the same in the same musical temperament system, whatever the reference is.

Anybody that pretends A=432hz sounds better are either: 

- Biased because of the sensation that, compared to 440hz, 432hz sounds warmer. Yes, but 410hz also sounds warmer compared to 432hz. Lower frenquencies always "feel" warmer than higher frequency; In reality, all that 432hz thing is based on that simple fact.

- Fool, because they probably doesn't even know what reference frequency is used in the piece of music they're listening to. Tools that convert 440hz to 432hz are not magical: They're just downtuning your music by 8hz. If you listen to an A=430hz tuned piece of music through your "432hz magical converter" and think "it sounds better because it's 432hz", you're a fool.

At the end, if all those things about 432hz were true, I don't understand why people who advocate for it didn't already became God-like superior humans by listening to a continuous 432hz tone all day.


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Correct me if I'm wrong, but 432Hz and 440Hz tuning is based on how the artists tune their instruments PRIOR to the recording process. But regardless of what this frequency may be, including many other tuning points, once this has been tracked and mastered by the artist, the recording you get is what the artist intended it to be. I can understand trying to get the best quality versions of this (16/24/32 bit resolutions, and sample rates up to 384kHz and beyond), but why would you want to actually change what the artist recorded for you to enjoy?

Just my 2¢


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