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About hide unused Album Artist

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Before I begin, I would like to say hello users of the forum. 
I want to mention I really like the program and I appreciate the simplicity and clarity of its interface.
I looked through several threads about the album covers and advancement of their reading, but I do not use that functionality and for me half of the landscape screen is unusable. So I would like to suggest some changes in the location of buttons control the music tracks and optional hiding album name from which comes this recording. 


I would like to add some options to the program that will take the music control buttons on the center of the screen also center the music title and artist name, add the ability to hide information about the name of the album from which it comes:












I would also like to be able in this way hide information about the album name in the widget and on the lock screen (and maybe add song progress to widget?) :












After that change also choice by album of certain artist could be disabled:














Of course I know, these are only cosmetic changes and for much people these changes may be without any value, but I will be very happy if these options would be added to the player. :)


With regards, Robert

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I would like to have the same feature - possibility to hide albums name, not only unknow ones, but all. 

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