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Show Art Álbum Independent in Folder of Albums

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I wanted the "album art" form show up individually as it is saved in the tag song within the album folder. I really like albums art custom (some i do). And wanted the Poweramp with this function. 
I have an image in more detail to show an example of the problem I have without this function: ( http://zip.net/btp1RZ )
I do not know if I have this option in the future, because I think some people do not need it. Of "1000" only "10" people really want this option, an example. :mellow:  
I personally appreciate the developer adding this option  :rolleyes:  :rolleyes: 
Detail: The covers of music are stored inside mp3 files. I use the PC AIMP3 and TCM Music Tag Editor (http://zip.net/bfp1jN) for editing in Android. :) 
:D  :D Thanks for listening !!   :D  :D 


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