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Playing all songs by artist in order?

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So I'm thinking of buying Poweramp but there's one thing that is really bugging me. I often listen to wholes albums back to back, but when I try to listen to all songs by an artist, it can't get the songs in order. Even if I list all the songs by album, it will play the songs from the albums in a random order. What it needs is sorting by multiple options, so it could group by album then track number. Is there a way to do this? I really hate not being able to listen to the albums in order when I want to listen to all songs by an artist,

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I like to do the same thing. The trick I've found that works for me is to alphabetize the folders. Also make sure PA is set to "Advance List" and "Shuffle Off".

One thing you need to understand is that the only folder name that matters is the folder the farthest down the tree. The final folder. The folder that contains the actual music files. Parent folders to these can be many or none and have any name.

So for the Beatles, for example, my final folders are named:

Beatles 05 - Please Please Me

Beatles 10 - With the Beatles

Etc., etc.

Beatles 55 - Abbey Road

Beatles 60 - Let It Be

I number by 5's then if I find an album I want to insert I have room. Not likely with The Beatles but pretty common with other artists.

I put all The Beatles albums into a parent folder called "The Beatles" but that (or the title) doesn't make any difference. It is only that final folder names that matter.

You need to get the folders organized BEFORE you start adding songs to playlists. Once you add songs to playlists, I find it easiest to:

1. Delete the album using PA. PA will remove the songs from the playlists.

2. Add the album using the new name.

3. Add the songs back into the playlists.

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To create playlist of whole albums is a special feature of Playlist Manager by theoklink on Google or Amazon. It has lots of other functionality too. It complements the Poweramp music experience.

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If I understand your question, try this. Go to Artists, The Beatles. Once there hit the menu button (the three vertical Lines in the lower right). hit list options. select sorting by year. Start with their first song on their first album. ENJOY.

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