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Stable sort for lists


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Hello there,


I'm new here and my quick search didn't bring up any topic regarding this. I might've overlooked an option and if so, please tell me how to do what I'll explain now:


My player's language german so I'll try to translate the elements as good as possible, but I don't know the exact wording.


If you open the list of all songs of an artist you'll have the option (under list options) to sort by title, album, year, title number and so on. If you e.g. sort by title number, the list will be sorted by titlenumber and then by alphabet, if you sort by album, it'll be sorted by album and then by alphabet - and so on.


The thing is, the second sorting will always be the alphabet, even if you sort by title number and by album right after.


A stable sort would mean that if you sort by title number and after that by album, you'd have the songs in the right title number per album and the list of albums in the right order by alphabet.


Another example: If you sort by title number, album and year - in that order - you'd have the titles sorted by title number, grouped by album and the albums sorted alphabetically and grouped by years, which are sorted by alphabet again.


I'd like this feature and I think it'd make the list of all songs more useful, since you can sort it predictably, though still detailed.


Discussion, thoughts, opinions?




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