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Different Album Art for each song

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Hi there!


Well, I like having a different album art for each song. The situation is this, I changed one song's album art with Poweramp and then all songs of the same album changed to that picture. How can I revert that? Because reinstalling the app (and readjusting my settings) would be a pain in the ass. I tried deleting the albumart.pamp file but didn't work.

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Damn! I fixed it!


If anyone else is having this same issue. All you have to do is use a root browser (phone must be rooted, obviously) and go to "data/media/Android/data/_com.maxmpz.audioplayer/album_art" and delete any picture you see in here.


Just to be sure, you might also want to delete those in the folder "selected_aa".


Hope this helps somebody else. I luckily found it.

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