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Can someone shed light on my FC issues with Poweramp?

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Hi all.

I am the owner of a HTC M8 and have been using Poweramp for ages.

Recently I am experiencing FC issues with Poweramp.

Whenever I try to edit, create or do anything with a playlist, the app force closes.

When I press the shuffle button, the app force closes.

It is getting to a point that Poweramp is virtually impossible to manage.

I mostly listen to FLAC an am currently on ARHD 11.1 as my ROM.


HAs anyone experienced similar issues or does anyone have any ideas on how to fix it?

Tried reverting to old version, tried uninstalling and reinstalling and clearing all the caches countless times, all with similar results.

Any input on how to solve this would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks all.....

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just out of interest what kind of sd card to you have.

Some earlier san disk class 10 card are known to result in bugs in android,

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