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Shuffle feature playing some songs more often?


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Ive noticed when I use the shuffle feature sometimes its playing certain songs more often, for example in the course of an hour i might hear the same song 3 times though its not even a fraction of the way thru the playlist. As far as I can tell all the repeat options are deselected. This normal?

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Poweramp shuffle logic can't introduces duplications into the current played/shuffled list.
But still you can have actual duplications in the library, or something forces Poweramp to reload the list, e.g.
new list is selected, or shuffle mode is changed.
More on this here: http://powerampapp.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=1010&p=3644&hilit=reordered#p3644

Poweramp has shuffle sessions stored to database. This means shuffle sessions will survive Poweramp reloads or/and
phone reboots, etc.



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