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bass drownding my music. (may not be PA issue)

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This may not be PA related but guessing a PA dev may know the answer? When I listen to a bass heavy song, the bass drowns the music. I first though it was my amp set up in my car but turns out that is not it. Volume changes nothing, the problem persists. Its like the DAC is pulling too much power from the N7 tablet. Can't find another music app that works with my set up to test with yet. Any ideas.

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Well I figured it out and now I'm in a catch 22 here?


If I turn on "dirrect volume controller" I get this loud volume randomness on app start, if its off I get the issue above. If it would come on after the app starts and turn off on pause I'd have it licked. I do use timmurs kernel for my car and its a must, so what do I need to tell him if PA can not fix this? Why does the dirrect volume controller have issues with kernel modifications?

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Just to recap on this.


1) if I dont use the dirrect volume controller my bass drowns the music.

2) If I use the dirrect volume controller if fixes the above but once my tablet sleeps and comes back I get choppy sounds on occasions. To fix this I turn off the dirrect volume controller and then turn it back on. (lots of clicking, not fun in a car)

3) The other issue in addition is that the dirrect volume controller seems to want to remember a volume level. So if I bring my volume all the way down before letting my screen time out, the next time I use PA the volume spikes back to that volume level. If I touch any volume control it then goes to where it should be.

4) not sure if this is normal but when selecting the option the volume changes levels quite considerably.


So yeah, very buggy..

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