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Mojibake. Foreign languages issue.


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I have songs that have their metadata (tittle, album, artist...) written in foreign languages such as Russian, but that is not displayed correctly in the player.


The text has been encoded (by the computer where metadata was written) and decoded (by Poweramp) using different character encodings. So a text like "Вслед" becomes "Âñëåä". In this specific case, the document was saved using Windows-1251 encoding but read using Windows-1252. This phenomena is called "Mojibake".

This doesn't only apply to Russian, but any other language (Korean, Japanese...)

More info: http://goo.gl/jTVdt5

Wikipedia: http://goo.gl/ooN1Wu


Make Poweramp autodetect the encoding. And decode the text properly.

Thank you, Poweramp, your music player is awesome.

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