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Gapless Playback Bug On Sony Xperia Z1 Compact Running Android 4.4.4

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Hi, I've just downloaded Poweramp for my Sony Xperia Z1 Compact, running the latest version of Android 4.4.4 on it and I'm after noticing a big gapless playback bug on it.
I'll try to go into as much detail as possible...


What's happening is, I listen to a lot of gapless albums, mostly dj mixes that don't have any pauses on them between tracks, and what I've been experiencing problems a lot now with random split second pauses between tracks and choppy/jumpy transitions.
All these albums in question have been ripped from cd using iTunes and this problem only happens when I'm playing the albums on my Xperia using the latest version of Poweramp, as I have a 160gb iPod classic and the albums play fine on that and also through iTunes also.

An example of the problem is, I'd be listening to an album and most of it would play fine, with smooth transitions, but then maybe one or two transitions on the album would have a split second pause between them or a jump choppy transition, then the rest of the album would playback fine. But I've also noticed, that if I skip back to the start of the track and play it a second time, then it might play ok with no pause or jump?

Is anyone else having the same problem, or can shed some light on this? I love this app and I'd love to keep on using it if the problem was fixed.

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I have a similar problem. My Xperia M2 plays gapless with the screen on, but when I'm on the go with my phone on my pocket the gaps are present.

I've posted a new thread exposing my problem. I hope someone can help me too.

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