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Poweramp Won't Play When Connected To Car Stereo With Aux Cable

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Handset - Oneplus One

Android 4.4.4

Rom Cyanogen 11s

Poweramp Version 2.0.9 build 564


Hi Guys


When i used to connect the auxiliary cable from my car stereo to the handset the music used to play automatically however recently it


plays for literally a second and then stops, even if i unlock the phone and go to the app and click play it will not play, this only happens


when the aux cable is connected to the stereo. This has been happening for the last week or so, prior to this there were no issues when


playing through the car stereo with an Aux cable.


Thanks and apologies if this has been mentioned elsewhere ( i searched and couldnt find anything similar to this)



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Hi Andre


Thanks for the reply. i have checked with earphones and it plays without any issues.


I have also tried MX Player with the car stereo and the same Aux cable in case they were an issue and MX Player works correctly


Thank you



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Plugged the cable half way and it started playing then pushed it in fully and it seemed to stutter but carried on playing. BIt of a pain but workable.i have logged a bug ticket incase it is something that can be fixed. None of the other apps have an  issue and no mention of it on the Oneplus forum


Thanks for your help Andre

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Can you get a cable which has the extra connector type on one end? In theory they are downward compatible with regular stereo 3.5mm jacks, but in your case there seems to be a problem.

Either that or disable the "start/stop on headset connect/disconnect" feature in Poweramp completely, and press the Play button in the app manually.


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