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"Folders" and "Library" buttons enhancement


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In my music folder structure I have a single mp3 folder which has many sub-folders.


I have two change requests:

  1. In case "Settings -> Folders and Library -> Music Folders" has exactly one folder, clicking the "Folders" button (when browsing the files) would take me directly into that folder (instead of first displaying the single folder and then for me to click it for its content).
  2. Clicking the "Library" button displays a list of "Albums", "Artists", "Genres", "Playlists", "Queue" etc... All of which are redundant (for me), except one - the "Playlists".
    Create an option to configure the "Library" button to go directly into "Playlists" (or anything user defined).


Each of the above will save me an extra click and it would make it lightning fast for me to browse between the Playlists and the files.

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