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Find more of the same artist/album/genre short cut


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Hi! First post!

I shuffle a lot, but every now and then when I stuble upon somthing that I really like I get the impulse to stay with that artist/genre/album. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to find that category of music (genre/artist/album/folder) maybe via some kind of long press or such and a context menu, without having to search and type or flick through menu hierarchy? The stock Galaxy S player can do it (long press album art) but has implemented it in a stupid way, since the short cut is not really that short because there's an extra menu that you have to get passed: "serach in youtube/google/media library". Annoying when it pops up the hundredth time, and you, for the hundredth time press "library".

BTW Thank you so much for the Poweramp player! Changed my life!

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