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resume play where left off.

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I was certain this was asked before but I can't find the post. When I put my tablet in to sleep mode and come back the song starts over? I know I can have the song pause but I want it to remember the play position?


I read the bit about non stock roms but that is not my case.

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even i am having the same issue. i usually play songs by selecting folders, now if i leave it in between and once the play has closed. Whenever i start pressing the play button on my Bluetooth headset or even if i press the play button on my widget. it starts from beginning of the library , no even from the beginning of the folder 

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I got the same issue on my HTC One M8.


- i hear a liveset in my car on the way to my workplace

- car is turned off and BT disconnected

- after work BT connects to my car

- the track (liveset) starts from beginning


I tried every workaround in this forum, but nothing worked.


Any solution?

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