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Poweramp Not Scanning/Cataloging

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I installed the trial version of Poweramp about 4 hours ago.  I keep all my music on the microSD card in my Sam Galaxy Note 2.  I went into "Folders and Libraries" and checked the "Music" folder on the microSD.  The scan began but has been sitting at less than 1/4 complete for the past 4 hours.


Meanwhile when I go to the Music Folder in the main app it will show all of the albums installed on the phone.  But if I pick one and drill down to look at the individual tunes I see "0 items" and there are tunes listed.


Much the same thing happens when I go to "Library".  If I go to "All Songs", I see a list of all of the tunes installed in the Music Folder.  But if I click on "Albums" it says "0 albums".  Same thing with the rest of the selections: Artists, Genres, etc.


The OS version on my phone is 4.4.2.  The phone is not rooted.  I have approximately 25GB of music in the Music Folder on the microSD.


Anyone have any idea what's going on?

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Most probably, this is an issue with your sd card.
Poweramp is more sensitive to the bad blocks on sd cards due to the highly optimized songs scanner and wider range of checked files on sd card.
Such sd card issue is better to be fixed early, as it can cause serious data loss.

- check your sd card for errors on computer
- try to backup sd card then reformat and restore
- try another sd card


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