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Songs startet in Root-Explorer go into pause after 1 sec

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I bought Poweramp cause I like it so much. Unfortunataly there is one problem i always wanted to talk about. I am on "old school guy", I do not use playlists of music players, I always sort my songs in file managers with different foldernames and file names of course (winmediaplayer and Poweramp I do not use playlists and mp3-tags, I start a song directly from root-explorer for example). This leads me to that Poweramp-but. One or two years ago I realized something which really annoys me. When I start my first songusing root-explorer, the song plays for 1 or 2 seconds and then goes into "pause". I always have to tip "play" again. 


I can reproduce this bug, when I close all apps, start a new instance of root-explorer and choose a mp3 out of my file list/folder again. It is always the same, the first song always goes into pause. After that everything works fine till i close the app completly again. Is there a reason, why the first song goes into "pause" automatically after 1-2 seconds??? It doesn't make sense. Is it a known bug? I did the same thing with MX Player. Before doing so I associated all mp3-files with MX Player and startet the first using root-explorer again, no pausing at all.

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