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Unlocker Problems


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Hello all,


i use Poweramp for a long time and principally my opinion is, that it is the best music player for Android.


But here and now i want to congratulate the developer of powerampp for the worst license manager i ever saw.


I installed Powerampp on a Asus Memo Pad without mobile option.


Today i heard music in the train, all wonderful. After arrival i walked to my car, which is waiting for me at the train station.


After connecting my pad to my car audio equipment via Bluetooth no music is coming out of the speakers.


A look on the pad shows me, that Powerampp once more has problems to verify my bought license.


And guys, please believe me, this is the fifth or sixth time i reinstalled the Unlocker to be able to use the program again.


In my opinion this license manager is a big piece of stinking shit and i consider to switch to another product, with which i can hear my music every time i want and not when the license tool is enough gracious to give me access to my music.


Sorry for the bad posting, but i am really very angry at the moment.



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Sorry, this is the theory, but in fact my Poweramp bothered me in the past also without any changes to my system.

Ok, yesterday i got a system update, but in my opinion it makes no sense that Poweramp must look for the license after a system update or a reboot.


The license could be stored locally on the device and as long the license (as file or key) is there it would be no need to connect to the internet at all.


Sorry, once more:


There are much more clever possibilities to check for an existing license and perhaps it could be worth it to think about other solutions to keep more customer satisfied.

I know no other program at the moment which has been bothered me the way Poweramp did because of verifying the license.



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