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MP3 Metatags beyond standard


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I really like Poweramp. As many I have a huge mp3 library which to organise needs more than the standrad tags like artist, title, album, etc.

I use mp3tag to handle all the information and started to create additional tags like language (which might be quite common), but also like "commercial" if the title was featured in a commercial (containing the brand and date of the commercial), Movie/TV series, if the title was played in a movie/tv series etc.


I really think it would be cool and could distinguish Poweramp even more form the competition, if those meta tags would be displayed.


Of course, it would be top of the notch if you could even filter for this (is there a metatags filled in this mp3 (boolean), or even by the metatags value), but I would be already be more than pleased if those tags would be displayed via the info/tag option.

Once I started dreaming of those possibiloties with metatags. mp3tags allows for embedding more than one album picture....







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