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App crashes forgetting last played playlist, so as all imported playlists

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As said in the title, this is the problem I've been having. The app runs normally and smoothly, but as soon as I kturn it off, the last played song, so as the playlist / selected folder unselects and the current song positions itself on a random song (probably the first one scanned). Poweramp also rescans, although the autoscan is disabled, and forgets all of the imported playlists.

I'm running custom rom on Android 4.1.2. Poweramp version is the latest available on gp - 2.0.9 b558.

The problem started on an earlier version, that wasn't able to confirm registration (a fixed bug). I've tried multiple versions since, without being able to fix the problem. I haven't installed anything worth mentioning, apart from Android Tuner, SD Maid and XPrivacy. It is put through all of forementioned firewalls / prohibitions.

I've been able to run a log, and it showed a problem with connecting to folder_files table. On the other hand, it reports all of the selected music folders as available and able to connect to.

Any help is much appreciated!

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