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my suggestion, youll make alot of money doing so!

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I sent you an email about this but... firstly, make a red color neon theme id love it! Secondly....

I do this simply by partially unplugging my headphones from jack just so it would cut out parts..

Have an option to disable parts of each track so you can listen to whatever part of the track you want. Options being able to remove vocals, bass, guitar, drums, keyboards, whatever.. for instance, there's a computer program called audicity, you can split the track, invert the bottom half than switch from stereo to mono, than you play both parts of the track and it will remove certain parts.. I do it to red hot chili peppers songs, ill post a youtube video of a song I did to give you an understanding.. ill also provide the original song so you can see the difference, its a beautiful song and all I hear is the back up vocals, guitar, low to next to no bass, and low drums.. id pay a lot for the feature, it would save me a lot of memory, and time because I wouldn't be saving new mp3s lol.. you would surpass any feature to any app because not only do you have a wonderful player, you also unleash a lot of potential to billions of songs, people love instrumentals..

Link to actual song, album version no edit -

Link to my version, edited by audacity - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g0Gxs07OBcc

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