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Static in earphones when pausing/changing music while screen is off

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I have an LG Nexus 4, Android version 4.4.4, not rooted. I've noticed that when I pause, change songs, or the song transitions to the next one while the screen is off, as the song fades/cuts, I can hear this annoying static sound in my earphones which eventually disappears.


I tried pausing and changing songs while screen is on and I didn't encounter any of that annoying sound.


Recreated the scenario in my stock music player (Google Play Music) and I didn't encounter it as well.


Used my earphones on another device (not 4.4.4 though) and static is not present.


Setting the audio buffer size to +750ms and the audio thread priority to the highest option didn't work.


Anyone here who encountered the same issue? Any recommendations?


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I would not call static, but apparently I'm having the same problem; 


Some time the audio began to have interference, especially when I turn off the screen, already tried several things but still keeps happening. The strange thing is that happens only in the Poweramp, other players work perfectly. 


My smartphone is a LG Optimus 4XHD (P880), coincidentally the same case manufacturer above. 


The P880 is known for the low power audio output, however, use it since March 2012 with the Poweramp, and feathers in recent months'm having this problem. 


I've uninstalled everything I could, and had no effect, and also no other program has any problem.
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