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When selecting to browse by "Genre", the only option is to browse by Genre Album. My request is to be able to simply list all the tracks.

In a day and age where albums are becoming less and less prominent and most of my tracks are either singles or I just have one or two songs from each album, only having the option to list by album, most of which only contain one track and most of which I don't even recognize because I don't think of tracks in terms of albums anymore, seems quite outdated.

The sort by artist/name/date added feature should obviously also be available when listing by Genre Track.

Thanks for a great app!

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To partly solve it for now, if your tracks are to be treated as singles rather than from a larger album, remove the Album Title tag completely. That's what I do anyway.


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I would also like to see a genre list with all the songs rather than albums. Or maybe have a more advanced filter where I can choose which tag to filter.

I don't think getting rid of the album tag is a good solution. It's going to take a lot of time to go through all your music and select everything that isn't a full album. It reminds me of when I had to have several copies of the same file with different tag versions for different players.

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