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Hey there,


I'm sorry if this is in the wrong section (newcomer here).


I've been having playlist syncing issues for quite some time now. 

I use iSyncr to sync all my music to an external sd card. 


If I create a new playlist on iTunes and sync that to my device, iSyncr gives the playlist a .m3u extension.

After a rescan, Poweramp will detect the new .m3u playlist and add that in. 


Now, if I make a change/update to an existing playlist (add new songs, change song order etc.), and sync that, iSyncr renames the playlist's extension from .m3u to .plb.

Poweramp's scanner doesn't detect this .plb playlist. I'm having to manually re-rename the extension back to .m3u in order for Poweramp to scan it through.


Any help/suggestions? I've emailed the guys at iSyncr about this as well.



Also other issues:

  • Rescanned File-based playlists always say not loaded yet, even though all the songs are in there. Only when I go into a playlist will the number of songs show.
  • Any way to stop file-based playlists from showing their extensions (.m3u)? It has quite an unpolished, messy look. I would love it if file-based playlists were displayed the same way as system playlists.
  • Importing System Library Playlists is quite buggy. After a fresh sync, the number of playlists imported can vary from 20 to 111. It's difficult to get an import that imports all the playlists.





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